Billing (2)

Accepted Payment Methods

The currently accepted payment methods are : Paypal , Paxum , Google Checkout ( Wallet or Creditcard ) , Bitcoin , Litecoin ( Email for Assistance )

Shared Hosting (1)

How can i login to my shared hosting account.

There is currently only 1 Shared hosting server. To reach the directadmin panel go to. http://vs1.xrnetworks.com:2222

Tools and Utilities (3)

What ftp software do you recommend

We recommend software that has the capabilities of both FTP and SCP , SCP is a secure ftp style protocol and is usually more user friendly . We recommend using  WinSCP Go here to download.

How can i do an advanced traceroute ?

There are two ways … you can use WinMTR .   Or on Linux you can use the MTR From command like by typing in : mtr  (Ip address or host name ) * Note To Exit MTR use Ctrl + C

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